Say PANTONE and you will open a world! The Pantone system was developed in the fifties to classify the colors and “translate” in CMYK four-color printing system (Cyan, magenta, Yellow and black) simply due to a code, thanks to a sort of book called in Italian “bribe”. The real “Bible color” is also the starting point for the now countless objects of design Pantone-branded…so if you do not feel “pantonizzati” here's the news for the Spring 2012: Pantone products by Dutch vessels SERAX.

I've just seen from my florist to trust them and do not deny that I'd brought home all those! On the web you can find them which from 3,49 Euro for the mini version up to 99 Euros for the XXL (which of course is my favorite!).

 ( Pantone, Serax)


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