When I saw this house I thought that I might not deserve a post of its extreme originality, although difficult to extrapolate from the context in which it. “Stacking Green House” in fact ( Vo Trong Nghia by the architects, Daisuke Sanuki, Nishizawa Shunri study Vo Trong Nghia) is located in one of the most chaotic cities in Vietnam, Saigon, and was intended by its designers to increase their sensitivity towards the city's urban landscape reinverdimento.

The front wall and the rear of the house are constituted entirely of concrete planters overlapped to a varying distance ranging from 250 a 400 mm so as to accommodate plants of different height. Inside the flower boxes are a series of automatic irrigation pipes to water the vegetation and allow easy maintenance of the facades. Besides giving the house its distinctive character, Green facades regulate the indoor climate and atmosphere:the morning and afternoon, sunlight enters through the leaves of both sides, creating beautiful shadows on the walls of granite. Le pareti divisorie sono poi ridotte all’essenziale per mantenere fluidità interiore e garantire la visione delle facciate verdi da ogni punto della casa.

Although this house is very nice, very modern and high impact, the total lack of real openings on the outside gives me a sense of oppression, not to mention the anxiety generated by a green thumb so vast collection of plants!

Take your cue from: Obviously the balconies of plants, be realized in reduced portion; the coating of the walls with thin slabs of granite; the internal stairway with steps backlit; the bedroom open plan top floor, where to divide the bathroom from the room is the grand opening that leads from direct light to spaces below.

( Archdaily, Vo Trong Nghia Co.)


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