I do not know at home (If you pupetti home) how things…Mine is in a constant game of roles, a theater “living” in which a moment are Bloom, Stella Winx and some other ( more and more of a character, There is no shortage of interpreters!) and a moment later, I Flynn who marries his Rapunzel! Flanked, clothes, wigs, wands and so on and so forth…The magical setting of these fantasy games? the room of course!

 E così quando ho visto queste nuove camerette distribuite da COPENHAGEN HOUSE I could not think how I would love the fairy! Why have all that kids love: the bunk beds, to go down the chute, the den-retreat, canopies to be real princesses. But not only: LIFE TIME collection as well as being a continuous stimulus to the imagination and the game does not mind the convenience and needs of parents. Each composition can indeed be transformed over time by using kits according to the varied needs of the growing child. The students can change their room just by adding, modificando od eliminando alcuni pezzi della struttura.

“SilverSparkle” is a real cottage, the dream of every child…

and you say the chute?!?

or the sweet world of flowers and princesses?

My favorite comes “TreeHouse”, a real tree house!

To further stimulate the fantasy series features many complements and accessories, find them all online catalogalong with other fantastic bedrooms.

(Casa Copenhagen)

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