“Not much excites you?!?” I was referring to my new coffee-door dvd recorder, decoder, etc etc…. In response to the expression of my husband was the usual between puzzled and compassionate. Let's say you get excited for a piece of sheet metal is not for everybody but I assure you that is exactly what happens to me when a new piece of design comes into the house! In fact, this comes as a library container sheet-bedside and in different sizes , However, the company has proved very helpful and changed my x measures and openings… this is the use that I did…..

This space had initially decided to use it for newspapers , then the option seemed too trivial and eventually I put the succulents!

The company that called ITALIAN ATMOSPHERE, and I bought it directly on their site; that's how the original version (among other things available in many colors).


(Atmosfera italiana)


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