Ok, this time childbirth advantage…the shelf expedit I have it right in the playroom and even the white wall base! Now we have to munirmi washi tape (Japanese Scotch repositionable, colorful, simple to use and very decorative) and you're done! Which find an endless selection of washi tape…hard to resist!

And here are other solutions that “reinvent” the famous Ikea shelf ….

 In alternativa guardate che bella questa soluzione in cartone….just a scotch and some fluorescent original cushion and is now beautiful!

And more , a simple wall effect blackboard drawn with chalk and a roof can transform an ordinary bulletin board….tender!


The furniture then we thought again Ikea!

(Poppinette, Mommo-design, Handmade Carlotte,Sheknows, nietylkodzieciaki)


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