I would buy a house for the birds, of those hanging from trees in the garden, even a simple manger, something to give them food in cold weather and make some money in exchange for sweet chirping…O_NEST_O is a jar with holes to hang outdoors and supports for the birds in the garden. It’ produced by Decastelli. Lovely!

this is my favorite, simple glass EVASOLO, like the two that follow are a floor version



On the left the manger-loft UMBRA… there is a model tank,definitely design, But push a poor goldfish in a cube with so little windows on the world has always seemed a bit sad… different speech x manger , where we find the food inside and out free as birds.

 Molto semplice ma dal design pulito ed estremamente rilassante quest’altra di Yvonne Penter, I found which.

The colored bell'ovetto below will instead be the desire to start a family… proposed in 8 different colors, is polished stoneware and handmade exclusively by JSCHACZ in New York.

More and more American production and manufacturing work CUBE BIRDHOUSE, in 8 colors, with the possibility of using free-standing or hanging from the trunk of a tree.

Could not miss a real house .. in the simple version or triplex! Produced by ARISTO.

Finally, a particular object: -nest in a planter from recycled plastic and recyclable, produced by POUSSE CREATIVE, a young French design label, specializing in pet projects, including dogs, cats and birds.

It’ very nice idea, original and creative, that leaves me the only concern of the location. If fact, all the nests / troughs seen so far allowed their accommodation in the garden, the latter came into being as a planter from balcony. To which we return to the question that I ask: but cleaning? will be so kind to our friends sparrows to go to the bathroom after eating elsewhere?!?

( De Castelli, EvaSolo, Umbra, JSchatz, Loll, DaRotePaket, Homezeen, Wisfer, Aristo  , PousseCreative)


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