Oggi  è uno di quei giorni in cui l’essere mamma di due nanetti è pura gioia! Mind, the tone of the statement is very sarcastic…..we are in the midst of a cataclysm gastroentero-oto-bronchitis virus with the addition of various unknown including a possible fifth disease! And so when recently a first fragile calm fell upon us I found it true. I thought then that I needed a bit of spring cheer to recuperate and be ready to face the new synchronized moans of patients at home!

Here are some ideas for the Easter table…


Perfect for the table rustic-chic these jute bags , the cutting board in the shape of egg and the delicate touch of blue plates and the composition of hydrangeas

Blue definitely more intense for this board by the colors of the sky

Still blue, elegant.

Nests filled with beautiful peonies

And this cage for chocolate bunnies?! Simply a gem!

To finish a placeholder in gray and yellow, a combination of colors that I really like at this time…very very refined !


And now after the Carousel I'm going back to my home hospital!

(Our vintage home love, Martha Stewart, Wunderweib, Waleur)


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