For several months at home, there is strong air of novelty…my life is changing again, a new creature will soon be among us! Eh sì, My Pupetta will not be alone anymore, LITTLE BROTHER is coming!

And so between emotion and the other, between the anxiety of never being able (Also arriving was the fifth) and relief as (per hour) has taken the princess of the house, between the discounted fears and joys unbounded, I could not not dedicate myself to the practical side…search for all news about baby design!

In fact, many things I will not need the second being at home, the cradle for example is already, But how to lose the chance to feast his eyes with a bit of healthy design?!? Look what ideona !

The cradle BELLY , produced by PAM BABY and the result of the idea of ​​two young Italian designers, Manuela and Andrea Garuti Bussetti , Liss has won the First Prize Design ” …for cleaning, simplicity and ability to respond to the needs vicinanaza and tenderness of the newborn.” It is a cradle is useful because it meets common requirement of space and because it allows the mother to have the baby near while accustoming themselves to their own space…halfway between the co-sleeping and the belief that the bed should be placed immediately, an object that accords with all!

The cradle is made of felt and comes with two different media: The first type is similar to the common lobby, the second extremely innovative, gets stuck under the mother's bed and allows the constant proximity to the child. The price is similar to that of any other cradle (399 Euros on e-bay store of the producer).

(Studio di progettazione Busetti-Garuti, Pam Baby)



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  1. Emily.frederiksen@gmail.com'
    28 April 2012 at 17:24 (7 years ago)

    Where can I find this for purchase?? Any idea?


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