The Loft 120 m. its 2 levels arises from the partial raising of the industrial plant Ex Ceat (tires) Royal Park in the district of Turin, adjacent to the historic center. The design of the Studio UdA opposed to a rationality of spaces and volumes a character / emotional evocative of the furniture. Il tutto all’insegna di un forte equilibrio.

  The living area is characterized by a broad and high angular glass as opposed to the equally impressive and spectacular volume that hosts the stairs and a suspended walkway that serves as overlooking the space below, defining the climb upstairs. The paving stone still clearly makes the inside and the outside of a single large space.

Take your cue from: the combination of vintage furniture and modern facilities rigorous, fixed furnishings, Basque area vetrata, the double decking, the vertical garden as a room divider.

(Studio UdA)


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