Forse la location di questo moderno chalet è un pò estrema, maybe go here too long, in isolation from society, bring loneliness and melancholy…but …what a show!

CHALET C7, by architectsNicolás del Río and Max Nunez, is located in the Andes and Portillo precisely in the region of Valparaiso Chile, a 2990 meters above the sea level. The house is perfectly hidden in the ground so as to interfere as little as possible with the breathtaking view of the lake; only a small entrance is visible from the top and then lead through a narrow passage to the shelter below.

The interior is organized on two levels. The first plane is defined by a stone wall that protects from snow in winter. Here are the bedrooms and private areas of the house. Al secondo piano vi è invece una zona completamente aperta che permette di godere appieno del  paesaggio e della spettacolare aurora boreale.


 (Nicolás del Río , Max Nunez)


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