This fabulous top floor penthouse is located in Prague and certainly does not belie the reputation of magic and romance that pervades the city. The recent restructuring has allowed us to create a setting in a perfect blend of character-vintage chic. Besides the period elements are then fully recovered numerous pieces of the unmistakable design of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

I love it very original and striking the glass partition that you can see in the picture above, place to define the entry without actually dividing the entrance area from the living area. Another strong point of the apartment is definitely the choice of lighting, all parts of the historic design. I mention one that I particularly care, since it is also a fine display in my dining area: the suspension CABOCHE by Foscarini, used as shown in the picture below also as wall.

Take your cue from: recovery of the wooden beams in the attic ( these or did you or did you not, but if you're lucky, follow the example and here verniciatele white…give light and lightness to the room), the glass partition between living room and entrance, the juxtaposition of pieces of design and antique floors.



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