Any advice for Christmas gifts never hurts…'s a rundown of the first ideas!

Christmas for her…….. 1 – Sets are two thermal cups Raw Diamonds MENU (height 9 cm, diameter of 9 cm, which a 60 € the pair)• 2 – A book on the design of everyday objects “Kitchen design. Objects, rites, places” of Valentina Auricchio (2012, 224 p, Giunti Editore, which a 33,15 Euro)• 3 – Exchange of’ hot water FASHY in lana (which a 17,90 Euro)• 4 – Steel keyring with a secure token or coin for the trolley ALESSI (L 8,5 cm x l 4,2 cm x H 3,3 cm, whicha 10,50 Euro)• 5 –Diffuser for aromacology to batteryLampe Berger (Diameter 14 cm, which a 49 Euro)• 6 – Round Ecosphere that represents a simplified version of the ecosystem of our planet (which from 129 € for the smaller size diameter 10 cm)

Christmas for him… 1 –Keychain magnetic wall in gray felt MENU (Height 30.8 cm, width 15.6 cm, depth 5.5 cm, cmwhich a 50 Euro)• 2 –Twins painted steel with Pantone color and engraved with the corresponding color code from SONIA SPENCER (which a 60,50 Euro)• 3 – Ice Bucket EVA SOLO stainless steel and silicone (which a 79 Euro)• 4 – Orologio than polso“Tv” of LIPLeather and satin stainless steel (Dial: 2,8 cm x 2,8 cm –which a 189 Euro)• 5 -Port letters wall of gray felt MENU (height 30,8 cm, width 30,8 cm, depth 7 cm, cmwhich a 70 Euro)• 6 – Set Blade vino di MENU (which a 60 Euro)

Christmas for them…..1 –Construction – Totem Xmas Tree biodegradable recycled paper printed on both sides KIDSONROOF ( 75 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm – 150 pieces, whicha 34 Euro)• 2 –Bambola ‘Violet’ crochet SEBRA (height 40 cm, whicha 42 Euro)• 3 – Carousel felt Raindrops by THE BUTTER FLYING ( 20 x 20 cm, whicha 25 Euro)• 4 –Bumper to Bumper cars offered by SEBRA 100% organic cotton (340 x 30 cm, which a 108,75 Euro)• 5 – Why not lose the true meaning of Christmas, The book is part of the series in Small ascolo, in gift box. DaCOCICOM KIDS (which a 4,50 Euro)• 6 – Dollhouse recycled cardboard to customize as you like Calafant (38,5 x 18,5 x 40 cm, whicha 19 Euro)• 7 – Set the per pappa di Plum HOPPOP antislip (which a 23 Euro)• 8 – Auto racing classic ride-metal body and rubber wheels (72 x 42 x 39 cm, seat height 25 cencm which a 99 Euro)

(Menu, Fashy, Alessi, Lampe Berger, Sonia Spencer, Eva Solo, Lip, Kidsonroof, The butter flying, Sebra, Cocicom Kids, Calafant, Hoppop)


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