I've always liked the hotel… already for small, when it excelled in our homes and antique wooden furniture (I do not want my mom, In furnishing a pioneer in effect at the time of his home with a clever mix of modern and antique)… even then, I said, I remained fascinated by the modern design hotel. And still I stop often to study the details in the hotel where I go , whether simple or more chains sought cottages and hotel design. And as I do with the projects of large houses, I do the same with the most beautiful hotels….I read articles, vague on the Internet, photo studio and contexts, and I am inspired!

This boutique hotel is located in Umbria, not far from Perugia. It is the result of a skillful recovery lasted 9 years of an ancient medieval tower, executed by the owners: the architect Christopher Chong and his wife Seonaid Mackenzie, designer. For existing walls of the tower, all stone, elements have been added as a clear impact on contemporary exposed concrete, glass and iron. Outside ancillary facilities were built, Canopies, swimming pool and terraces all but perfectly harmonized in a pleasant contrast between ancient and modern-.

Inside the ancient tower, almost completely emptied, we find many elements of fine design, Exposed iron stairs to the catwalks suspended. The floors were lastricali with stone walls and slabs while they are respectively maintained stone and wood.

Very impressive this time entirely of stone and the perfect floor lighting.

Take your cue from: The glass balconies, scale iron sight for a living (if you have young children around the house!), pavimeno lighting to enhance a wall of stone or brick.

(Torre di Moravola, TravelPod, Boutique Homes , My smart hotel)

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