Not to go unnoticed

It’ time for summer camps… If you are the original and exhibitionists enough these are the tents that do for you! There's something for every taste, from the slice of watermelon with built-in mouse all'emmental, from the book to the big top. The important thing is to get noticed, even sleeping in the open air!

The company specializes FIELDCANDY has hired a real team of photographers, illustrators and designers (part of which is also an Italian) to give birth to more than 40 Canadians tend ironic different and exclusive, true works of art for campers extravagant.


Realizzate in poliestere, are impermeable, ingifughe and resistant to UV rays. Larger than a normal two-seater tent, all have the inner light gray to recreate optimal conditions for sleep. Each tent has even produced a limited edition and numbered; the purchase is only online and the site shows the number of copies available. Prices range from 500 to 750 euro.

Ready to go?!?



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