OVETTO, produced by HABITARE A.D.eborn from the creative genius of the designer and interior architect Gianluca Soldi, is not nothing new . Designed in 2006, over the years has become a true icon of Italian design. As the name, the most attractive of this object is its unique egg shape (86 x 46 cm), but one must not forget its functionality: Egg is constituted bythree compartmentsfor waste and a schiacciabottiglie to minimize the overall dimensions. The litter container can have the black or white shell and the compartments may be of many different colors. 360 ° swivel, is made of ABS and polypropylene in which the polymers come from recycled material to the 100%. Beautiful and perfect in every place, both outside and inside, home or office….will look great anywhere!



Obviously there is an object in my house so notorious, then guess in which color? Yes, all white, there was no doubt! Then visas future projects of the production house that soon I will redouble…….They are coming because other versions of Ovetto: Removable egg basket, Egg basket Mezzovo outdoor and large outdoor trash Ovetto (If you want more information can be foundwhich). You can find it which from 139 Euros for the entire black, but in case you're interested I recommend you a nice ride on the web because you will find in many online shops at prices often different.

 (Soldi Design)


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