I like the bathroom furniture… I must admit that the search for health, furnishings and finishes for the bathrooms of my house has been a great effort, but also a great source of satisfaction the results obtained! The fact is that now the bathroom is considered a living space and furnish the same way as the other rooms of the house and then the offer is extremely wide in the field. And as always I x reaching a final decision, I first dipped in a long long search!

Let's start with health, perhaps also because it is part of the bath which usually (and erroneously) give less importance…I think the contrary, a nice pair of health is essential for the success of bathroom.

The vessel of the series of OH SIMAS (designer Simone Micheli) monolith is a nice seat cover with wrap and delayed hinges, accompanied by the bidet that it perfectly follows the geometry. I have dared and I bought the black version….and I find it amazing!

Even more cubist collection FROZEN always SIMAS. Here the lines are absolute, forms much square. Available in white or black or even decoration, always in both suspended and on ground version.



Opposite lines for ILBAGNOALESSI ONE of SKIING (Designer Stefano Giovannoni), considered a milestone in the evolution of design In furnishing the bathroom. Here is the shape of the vessel that the bidet is rounded and there are no edges.

Completely round the health of the series BALL DESIGN CERAMIC, available with decoration , solid or bicolor (black and white, white or white and gold and silver). They measure 55×56 , height 45,5 cm.



Still rounded, filled shapes and thicknesses for the series MONO’ of CERAMIC FLAMINIA. Produced in two versions from the ground or suspended in that, are made in many colors (White, Black, Anthracite, Edelweiss, Milk, Chestnut, Beige, Indigo, Grafite).

 Sempre da Ceramica Flaminia una serie che rivoluziona il concetto tradizionale di arredo bagno. A fact is a real integrated system of health and basins inserted in cases.


 Da GSG Ceramic Design GLASS series with the elegant ceramic vase and toilet seats in the transparent resin

in monoblock

Soft and playful colors for the TOUCH series always GSG Ceramic Design, realized in well 12 different colors.

For extremely small bathrooms ROCK ha ideato W W. The combination sink and toilet in a single piece allows the use of technology "Water Reuse". Thanks to this system, the water consumption can be reduced by 25%. The new technology proposed by Roca reuses water from the sink to fill the tank of water. An automatic cleaning system helps prevent formation of bacteria and odors in water.

(Simas, Laufen, Ceramic Design, Ceramica Flaminia, GSG Ceramic Design, Rock)


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    14 March 2016 at 11:10 (3 years ago)

    Salve volevo sapere il costo dei sanitari a terrà grigio antracite grazie mille

    • Manuela - Progettazione Therapy
      16 March 2016 at 15:15 (3 years ago)

      Salve Elga,
      purtroppo non effettuiamo servizi di vendita. A titolo informativo, posso dirle che il vaso della serie monò di ceramica flaminia costa intorno ai 500/600 Euro


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