I love the countries of the North and the Scandinavian design in all its declination…I also like the large-scale distribution (There are a few pieces well calibrated, useless to deny) but sometimes I feel the need to go beyond, to find that extra something that makes it unique my home. And so when I found NORDIC LIVING I opened a world! A riot of color and natural light wood, vintage-style-modern warm and welcoming and above all original pieces , ecological design with a soul and never taken for granted.

Nordic Living is an e-shop design online offering a selection of items of furniture and furnishings in style Scandinavian result of careful research of the best producers in northern Europe and offered exclusively in Italy.

Bellissima la poltroncina a dondolo Rocking Raymond con seduta intrecciata in cuoio e nylon (I can already see there to feed my puppy up there) as well as the stool Rocking stool available in wood veneer or lacquer. All products are Bolia (signature that in Italy you can find only on Nordic Living).

The table then Flip is the perfect example of ingenuity Danish! With all its hidden compartments and drawers is designed to turn with ease from dining table work desk.

Bolia over the brand exclusive to Nordic Living treated are numerous ( Karup, Naver,Frandsen Lightning to name a few…). All in a perfect combination of quality and price. Every month then the’e-shop will present new proposals and to each new subscriber to the newsletter, undergone a discount coupon 10%! Conviene farci un giretto.

There are things that you find everywhere ... and others that are only

Nota: Questo post è sponsorizzato da Nordic Living ma le parole e le opinioni sono al 100% made in Design Therapy. Prima ancora di accettare la sponsorizzazione ho “testato” il sito con attenzione, questo perchè ogni articolo è frutto della mia passione e segue la filosofia del blog.
(Nordic Living)


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