Chi l’ha detto che i locali di servizio debbano essere anonimi ed insignificanti? The Nevis Garden Pavilion was designed by the architectural firmRobert M. Gurneyserving the pool and shows much character and refinement.

 Adiacente al bosco, the glass pavilion and stone stands as seamless connection between the surrounding environment with swimming pool and landscaped garden and the trees at the back. Inside the contrast is given by slate walls laid dry, the roof and the wall mahogany and steel kitchen. The large fireplace in the lounge helps to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere as well as available all year round.

Take your cue from : L’accostamento perfetto pietra-vetro, la finestra lunga e stretta della zona cucina, il minimalismo ricercato dell’arredo, il design del giardino circostante.
(Robert Gurney architect)


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