Questo appartamento che si trova in un palazzo di fine ‘800  nei pressi di Piazza Castello, Via Bertola in Turin, was renovated in 2007 study of Architects STUDIODATA. I really like for its sophisticated simplicity, the environment is warm and friendly but absolutely minilista. All this is due to the clever placement of wood in a single color “clean” where the furnishings are very few and well-studied.

Always the insertion of the wood characterizes the scale, where a long shelf goes to interrupt the treads overhanging white and becomes an integral part of these, ed il soppalco che è un bel cubo monolitico dove una nicchia in muratura nasconde alla vista i  libri e gli oggetti di uso quotidiano.

The kitchen and dining room are simple, bright and minimalist, while the volume of wood that continues throughout the corridor hides a huge wardrobe space . The service areas were then placed against the structural heart of the apartment and thought of as a sort of "thickening" of the bearing wall, freeing the day room and sleeping area to the east to west. Have you noticed the suspension? This is a SUPERNOVA COMPANY,I had shown you some time ago in a post (Lights of character)…and look how beautiful it is inserted in this context!

Even in the bathroom cabinet is made of the same wood as a sign of continuity as the stone top vanity is taken in the shower.

Take your cue from: The recessed corriamano, a simple miter cut in the wall; scale cantilever, beautiful, but I suggest adding a wall to protect the full height clear glass; the walls are all white, no pictures or other objects ; lighting minimalist with only one large leading to suspension and breaking the all-white; study in the loft, integrated with its environment but with privacy.

(Freshhome, Studiodata, Beppe Garden)


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    27 January 2012 at 12:01 (7 years ago)

    Beautiful apartment. It is always wonderful blog. Now, the problem and’ this: I WANT THIS APARTMENT! And also I, as you suggest, put a clear profile of the ladder. I'm in bed, with crutches. Simply drop down from the bed. Imagine a scale so…Brava!

    • Manuela - Design Therapy
      27 January 2012 at 12:12 (7 years ago)

      eh eh, you're right! Should we not have a scale such, I dare not imagine what could happen to you!!! Then wishes speedy recovery……..bye

    31 January 2012 at 10:52 (7 years ago)

    I really like the minimalist design of this apartment.
    Often people have a sort of horror and fill the vacant house and moving objects.
    For a classroom would suffice sofa, a chair and a table well-matched to create harmony!

    4 September 2012 at 01:22 (7 years ago)

    Hi all I'm Danilo,I finally managed to find this house, but above all the scale.
    A few months ago on facebook I found the image of this scale I fell in love immediately,but I could not find….
    because I do home and are looking for an internal staircase….and I really want this.
    Who can help me ? sell it ?
    as I realize that materials are?
    I hope in your help…

    9 February 2013 at 20:12 (6 years ago)

    Hello ,I am French and I was looking through the site an idea of ​​Italian house construction minimalist and I discovered your site , I actually bought land in Puglia and I am looking for building ideas and prices , In short, I am at the beginning of my project.
    If you have ideas ….

    Sincerely Filipo


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