Taking a cue from the last post, here I am with a nice roundup of suspensions for the dining area. Start from the one that , as I said, was eventually chosen for my home: Caboche by the COMPANY.

It’ a suspension lamp composed by spheres of transparent polymethylmethacrylate or yellow gold , drawn in 2005 by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto . The light is projected upwards and downwards in a direct and diffused into the environment through a screen with matte white glass. The light source is a halogen lamp (1 x 200 In), whose flow is left free to illuminate at 360 °. The price ranges from 400 Euros for the smallest to 1600 Euro for the great. Available in 3 dimensions:



Although now he is very satisfied, The choice was not at all easy… here are the other suspensions that have participated in the selection…

First, the award-winning (and pluricopiata) Fil de Fer Tues CATELLANI&SMITH, a classic, beautiful both in the version suspension that in that a support. It’ available in well 5 different measures : Ø 30, 40, 60, 90 and 120 cm with a number of voltage halogen bulbs which goes from 8 a 48 depending on the size. Price between the 600 Euro ed i 2200 Euros for the giant.

Also from Foscarini , Supernova.


This lamp consists of a series of parallel disks coated aluminum, finish that plays on the colors fuchsia color gradation decreasing from outside to inside. Also available in matt aluminum and polished stainless steel, in two dimensions, with two different prices (1090 for the smaller version, well beyond 4000 Euros for the XL).


Of PALLUCCO, Coral, a suspension that resembles a branch of coral made of injection molded polycarbonate. There are three different versions with two-tone contrast color insert sprigs ( RAL 9016 inserted branches with fluorescent orange RAL 2005, RAL ivory 1015 insert twigs red RAL 3020, Black Grey RAL 7021 inserted branches with ivory RAL 1015)and three different formats ( Coral sospensione ø 80: 1066 Euro , Coral suspension ø 60: 922 Euro, Coral suspension ø100: 1830 EEuro).

If you are manic perfection and just do not see the lamp goes off-center you stretch the table in the living room here is the solution for you: a pleated LUCEPLAN. It’ a lamp accordion adjustable in size. With a simple and intuitive passing from 60 cm a 160 cm. The base of the system is constituted by a structure refined steel which is hidden by a fabric in 'pleated' extensible. Available in steel color or black at a price of 942 Euro.

Beautiful and whimsical lamp suspended below. It's called Fan and is produced by ITALAMP. Composed of PVC tapes in solid purple, fuchsia, oil, white, two-tone green or purple-fuchsia-purple with fuchsia and terminals covered with Swarovski crystals, can be found in two sizes : diameter 70 cm (931 Euro) diameter and 7cmcm (107Euroro).

Still Foscarini Big Bang, a suspension in which several panels in methacrylate act as light reflectors. The arrangement of the light source provides illumination at the same time intense and direct, without blinding. It is available in white, gray and red and far Measures 96 x 66 cm (prezzo 704 euro). You can have in size XL (192 X 132 cm) but the price varies widely.




Of MURANODUE, It lampada diamantata. Deluxe, blown glass white or black, is available in two different sizes (Halogen bulbs, respectively 200 e 300W) and prices 517 € a 765 Euro.





Decisamente moderna questa sospensione di DEMAJO, speakers with extra-clear glass and chrome metal frame. It's called Zabriskie Point (design: Denis Santachiara) , measure 77 x 55 cm and can buy which a  1624 Euro.


Very simple but highly effective even in the Stars BILUMEN, lamp produced
mark continuously since the early 90s and now available as well as in black and chrome in the new white finish. Dimensions Ø 69-84-120 cm with price for the larger size of 680 Euro.

Finally, a suspension, which obviously can not be compared to those seen so far as regards the materials, but in case of tight budget could do with some small measure her figure…I'm talking about IKEA PS MASKROS, Available in two sizes and two mini-prices ( 80cm diameter- 80,57 Euro, diameter 55- 50,41 Euro). The lampshade is made of paper and the rest in plastic, but my idea is that, given the expense of purchasing reduced, we could replace the canopy with a leading steel making it more sophisticated and elegant.

( Foscarini, Catellani&smith, Pallucco,   Luceplan, Italamp,   Muranodue, De Majo illuminazione, Bilumen, Ikea)


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