Che belli questi arredi per esterno! LOOK di XAM, is a module dyed polyethylene, rotational molded double wall. Depending on your needs and imagination of composition may be sitting, container,table, glass, light….starting from the basic vessel (cm 60 x 60 h45 x 4 mm thick, capacity 36 the) with the addition of the lid is transformed into practical table; adding finally becomes a comfortable seat cushion LOOK.

It’ available in 8 basic colors, while for the cushions, you can choose between two different pads and three types of tissues in different colors. The price of the basic module is 283 Euro and you can get which. Complete the series a beautifully designed parasol. The canvas recalls the square geometry of form and, thanks to the possibility of rotation to 360 ° on the vertical axis allows a perfect utilization of gray areas. The cloth, white as the structure, is made of polyester nautical, waterproof, UV resistant and resistant to salt (width: 180 cm,depth:180 cm,height: 210 cm, always cmwhich a 1177 Euro).


( Xam)



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