Although over the years the University I learned to appreciate the elegance and beauty of Turin, I could hardly live in the city…is definitely an essential part of my being lifestyle “slow” campaign. Of course in front of an apartment with such a little thought I could do it outside! This beautiful Loft, equipped with a terrace with a view to 360 degree view of the city of Turin and a scenic pool, is the work of Fabio Fantolino.



If the exterior speak for themselves interiors are certainly not less. The living area is fully glazed and ideally is divided into three zones: the sofa area and the dining area on the same level, tv stands up while the area of 30 cm on a wooden platform host a library placed on the ground that, through the use of oversized pillows, becomes a couch to read books or watch television in the underlying relaxation. 



The project is based on the concept of loft convertible into traditional apartment. A series of sliding panels in walnut can share individual rooms or, if left open, create a unique environment fully accessible no doors or barriers.



Take your cue from: the rooftop pool? almost impossible……but there are still a lot of ideas! The terrace with wooden slats, the library corner raised, the natural colors of the interior, the sliding panels and bathroom with sunken bath.

(Fabio Fantolino)


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