How beautiful… my blog is beginning to be alive and to have his readers! Thanks to a tip from Lisa I could expand my knowledge of the world “Lego Design” and so here I am to share the new discovery.

This is the alarm clock signed Lego, produced with official license of the historic farm and exactly 10 times larger than the original brick. I think that would be perfect in a room near the big brick boxes that I talked giò, but his figure would also over a nice desk .



And if you want to play at supports of course you can, thanks to the boom box with which you can listen to CDs, radio or connect your MP3 player through an auxiliary cable. It also features a backlit LCD screen by an inch and a’ Output for headphones.

I prezzi? around 22 The alarm and the Euro pr 30 for stereo. The find of Pixmania. In any case does not end here, because there are cameras, MP3 players, the usb, and so on and so forth.


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