You are perpetually undecided between the convenience and comfort of the shower in the bathtub? want to join force and relaxation? Here is the solution for you……..DORNBRACHT presenterà presso il rinnovato showroom di via Morimondo a  Milano, concurrently with the Salone del Mobile 2012, the new ATT HORIZONTAL SHOWER .

Thanks to the technology AMBIANCE TUNING TECHNIQUE, Horizontal Shower allows for the first time to live the shower while lying down . The application combines six water bars embedded in a large shower floor to lie on a plane, and a central control panel. It’ You can choose from several preset choreography ranging in temperature, intensity and quantity of water thus developing, choice, a balancing effect (BALANCING), tonic (ENERGIZING) or relaxing (DE-STRESSING).

Bella is beautiful, nothing to say….I am left with only a doubt (as well as what it would cost on such a wonder….): if the system is perfect for installation within the Spa, in practice as it can combine with the cleaning requirements housewives? How do you manage to define the flood of water overflowing from the bed of travertine? It will then be stretched by brushing operation as simple and relaxing?!?

( Dornbracht )


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