Whoever follows me for a while will be aware of my love for cots dispassionate suspended. That I am presenting today , like a hammock for babies, besides being beautiful is also very practical because you can easily fold up and put in the bag. It is called MAWOK and is produced and made in Sweden.

 La culla consente due modi di fissaggio, each wall permanently, another every type of door, simply by changing the bracket and using the same arm. I am left with some doubts about using permanent because I can not say how much allow the baby to sleep with a straight back (although hanging above the bed, easy to swing without even getting up, could be the salvation of many mothers!). Come soluzione in movimento però è assolutamente geniale : grandparents, at the hotel in campers or wherever you like!

The cradle can carry a weight of the child until 10 kg, Closed measures 44 x 35 x 12 cm while the foam mattress size cm 35 x 90. The fxund which and which the price of 210 Euro.



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