There are minimalist houses that look like cold museums, so beautiful, ma sembrano progettate per altro scopo.

Then there are homes where the atmosphere is warm and friendly despite the modern concept, houses that convey harmony and relaxation, cases where you dream of living. Like this…

This home is located in Monaco and was designed by the Max Brunner. In reality it is an expert renovation of a house the 70s that has already been able to exploit the original plan “bungalow” with courtyards. Within these areas, the architect has created a beautiful zen garden with swimming pool. The large windows ensure that internal and external intertwine perfectly thus making the whole house livable in every season.

 All’interno si è deciso per  arredi  essenziali e pareti in total white, leaving that to speak is the house itself.

As for the roof garden instead I would say that you need to work on that a little bit of…….However, the idea is a good trick to remedy the lack of green areas when building in small plots of land.

Take your cue from: the beautiful garden minimalist interior, the covered walkway in the relaxation area, the full height glass ceilings that are too low to overcome.

(Max Brunner, Digs Digs)


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1 Comment on LA CASA ZEN

    25 September 2012 at 20:11 (6 years ago)

    Very nice! And that garden on the roof?! One, actually have to work but the potential is very high! I have in mind a couple of good ideas….mmmmmm….I'd love to live in a place like this!!!!


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