Imagine being able to heat your home without the use of heaters, stoves, or anything else. Imagine a dwelling ecosustainable where thanks to a super insulation of the walls and roof of the heat can not disperse outwards. Here, this is the passive house. It is precisely of a building that ensures the thermal comfort without or with a minimum of heating energy source inside the building just for the fact that exploits the heat of the sun which penetrates through the glass surfaces and uses the gains .

 Underhill House è la prima casa passiva certificata in Inghilterra e si tratta di un progetto di non comune bellezza, built on the ruins of an old barn 300 year in the Cotswolds. result of a project by Helen Seymour-Smith, the house is literally carved into the hill so as to ensure minimal environmental impact and sfuttare the best thermal properties of the soil.

La struttura è realizzata in calcestruzzo lasciato esposto internamente per sfruttare al meglio i vantaggi termici,has a window facing south, which helps the build up of heat, and is highly insulated in the floor, roof and in the walls. It also has a mechanical ventilation system to provide excellent air quality and recovery of high efficiency heat.

 Molto creativa (and at the same time effective in containing the sound dispersion given by exposed concrete) was the choice to use in series of acoustic panels of different formats. The architect has designed curved panels that go counter to the angularity of the house thus creating a space more than welcoming.


Take your cue from: the southern exposure of the windows for maximum heat storage, the photovoltaic canopy that provides energy self-sufficiency, the use of acoustic panels as insulating decoration, l’integrazione perfetta del nuovo nel vecchio.

 (The AI passivhaus , Seymour-Smith Architects)


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