House Du Plessis, a 400 km da San Paolo e 15 from the historic town of Paraty (Brazil), is a house with a double soul: outside is an example of linearity mderna while the patio is visible through a traditional facade. The law of the place made provision that the houses should be covered in tiles of clay, rule that the architectMarcio Kogan I reinterpreted with great originality. He wanted to create traditional around the building housing a large geometrical, giving the structure a new and innovative balance. The walls covered in stone "Minas Gerais" (a typical Brazilian stone) surround a courtyard with four trees jabuticabeira. The floor is cement with small rounded pebbles.

 Sul lato del patio sono allineate quattro camere da letto. The sliding panels in natural wood is a "mushrabiyya" (grid of wooden windows, typical of Arab homes) that filters the light in the rooms.

Take your cue from: The beautiful stone-clad walls, The horizontal openings on the patio, the concrete floor and pebbles with the insertion of one or more plants “important” , the wooden walkway in the garden.

(Marcio Kogan,  The Plan, Archilovers )



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