And this Christmas has passed and with it the labors of the lunch…but there is still the New Year Gala Dinner! If you want a less formal but contemporary table, chic and colorful is the service for you…. I I've fallen in love! BAROQUE series&ROCK, produced by BACIMILANO ripropone in una veste nuova i grandi servizi del ‘700 con bicchieri, glasses , flute, cutlery and a whole series of other articles made entirely of polycarbonate. They are also available in many colors, a table for all colored or one touch of fun….and feel like a princess!

The wine glass ( silent. 8,5 X h. 20 cm) in 11 different colors can be found which a 9,58 Euro

And then of course there is the water glass (silent. 9 X h. 10,5 cm- 6,05 Euro), always 11 different colors


The Champagne Flute (h 25 cm – 9,07 Euro)

The glass for liqueurs and spirits (silent. 6,5 cm x H. 15 cm – 6 Euro)

The cutlery ( 8,07 Euro place table)

And then again salad, cups, napkin,palette cake, alzate, carafes, dishes, etc. etc.…….


You will know to resist?!?

 (Kisses Milan )


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