For the preparation of my wedding I entrusted to an infinite series of brochures, guides and booklets, with the clear intention not to overlook even the smallest detail…I scanned over time, and now I would definitely reliance on numerous “wedding blogs” loads of inspirations that pervade the network. On the other hand myself from time cultivate the insane idea to split Therapy Design and create a theme section……unfortunately the little dictator and main make me quite difficult to add extra activities for a project, which for now remains on standby! Nell’attesa voglio sforare un po’ nel tema nozze che tanto mi piace e parlare del LOGOWEDDING.

 Si tratta di uno stemma ispirato a quello degli antichi casati nobiliari da personalizzare con le iniziali dei nomi di sposo e sposa, a custom symbol that was created to represent your union. An original idea to put a touch of class to invitations and equity but not limited to. The logo for the wedding can be used just like a coat of arms and come printed in a particular card to be displayed at the entrance of your home. Perfect for tableau , place cards and wedding favors can also be embroidered on towels, sheets, federal, tablecloths and napkins just as they did for a time the oldest noble families. An original idea and style.

The wedding logo on you can select it in many variations of style, font and color. Ogni step grafico verrà supervisionato dagli sposi e solo dopo l’ultima approvazione si provvederà alla relativa stampa e spedizione del logo direttamente a casa.


What about? Too bad he had already given………….who gets in!

Nota: Questo post è sponsorizzato da Logowedding ma le parole e le opinioni sono al 100% made in Design Therapy. Prima ancora di accettare la sponsorizzazione ho “testato” il sito con attenzione, questo perchè ogni articolo è frutto della mia passione e segue la filosofia del blog.
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