The hourglasses fascinate me because they are so time-measuring instruments, but in them there is the incessant chant of the second, and then the minutes and hours….in the hourglass, time becomes a slow flow of grains of sand, and the time seems to expand.

They are very elegant new hourglasses blown glass SELETTI, here in the version with cup 30 minutes (10cm diameter, h20 cm – Euro 38,00)

we can find also in rectangular and octagonal (diameter 10 cm, h 19 cm – price respectively 35 and 42 Euro). For sale which.

Definitely the most expensive of the hourglasses VENINI,blown glass and handmade with the technique ”incalmo”. The technique consists in coupling incalmo hot blown two forms so as to obtain in the same differentiated zones and usually of a different color. It’ available in a wide variety of colors (but since the cost will be tough to make it a collection!) measure 8,5 cm diameter X 22 cm high and the price is the beauty of 504,17 Euro.

You can find them which and which.

( Seletti, Venini)

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