It is said that children should be “trained” from childhood….and then immediately insegnamogli love for design! Why do the first pee in the potty and sad an anonymous? Or bathing in a simple plastic tray uninviting? Of HOPPOP reaches a range of fantastic products, so beautiful to look at them we would like to collect all….and show joyfully! Luckily the house I do not miss the bathrooms……..


The potty ARCO, available in 3 colors, the interior has removable easy to pour the contents into the toilet. The small size of the inside allow a more thorough cleaning in the sink. (base 34 cm, h 15 cm).

Hoppop DONUT (Winner of “Reddot design award winner 2011”) My favorite is the model! (Dimensions: 29,4 x 29,4 x 14,2 cm).

Still a potty…here TORRO , Compact and easy to clean with built-in system that protects from splashes (19,5 cm h x 23,1 cm l x 23 cm P).




Per il bagnetto invece ecco una vaschetta tanto semplice quanto invitante. BATO has a double wall plastic that can store water temperature along the, has a cap for download and you can move with ease thanks to its comfortable ergonomic handles. It’ Support can be purchased separately STATE, fitted with a fastening system to secure and non-slip feet.

Different and innovative is instead the pan BANO, round shape and slip Super-, Recommended for children from 0 a 6 months . Anch’essa è composta di una doppia scocca in platica che permette di conservare il calore dell’acqua e dispone di una graduazione interna per facilitare l’uso ai genitori. (Internal diameter 30 cm, h 41 cm).

And Feeding? Here too we find a fabulous range of dishes and cutlery, beginning with ATABLO, friendly non-slip tray containing saucer, glass and tableware. They are all strictly bicolor design and colors that characterize the other articles of brand.


And then the series of cutlery MANU

Or the dishes and DOBBLO DIABOLO

The finished products are not, there certainly introduce other because they are too beautiful…. Meanwhile you can find a rich selection which the which.



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