Imagine a small mountain chalet….imagine a lot of snow out, a glass of wine and a warm fireplace…nothing better to complete the atmosphere of the beautiful wood logs on display in elegant and modern wood holder. Of AK47 a series of models one is the best that lend themselves to all kinds of home (buy online which)

FLEX is composed of a lamina made of hardened steel. The form can be changed only by changing the arrangement of the connecting screws and lends itself well to use also different: a wood holder, a magazine and, why not, if necessary, can also turn into an unusual session. Available in white, black (435,60 Euro) and covered in pony (980,10 Euro)Euro

TAPE instead be applied to the wall and the depth is not excessive allows a small footprint while maintaining a good load capacity. The key feature of this structure in varnished steel is essential: at full load becomes almost invisible, making the wood the main element. It’ Available in white, anthracite (701,80 Euro) and rust (834,80 EEuro.

CLOUD is composed of tempered glass plates with a thickness of 10 mm.
The structure, a visual, seems not to exist: the scene the main character becomes the natural: the wood. The simplicity of the cloud makes it suitable for all situations (classic, modern, country). Available in two heights : H75 (459,80 Euro ) e H150 (617,10 Euro).

BERLIN consists of reinforcing steel rods that contain the wood and the base is reinforced concrete. Each piece is unique and an end in itself, and any surface irregularities on the product be considered a guarantee of uniqueness. Coast 617,10 Euro (but I think a good carpenter you can make it with much less….).

BLADE is a firm structure and smooth black steel verniato, Available in two heights : H117 (508,20 Euro) e H190 (641,30 Euro).

Karter is a container also made of steel coated with a special finish "fabric effect" that makes it visually soft and silky. Karter allows the positioning of wood of different sizes, simply by varying the arrangement of the connection screws between the base and the lateral shoulders. The wood takes on a well placed geometrically well-defined. It’ available in the ground (532,40 Euro) and wall (653,40 EEuro, both black and white.

Sempre in acciaio, RIGO. Applies to the wall to maximize space and its key feature is the essential. Very versatile, can be not only practical but also firewood holder for storing library books, magazines or anything you want. because it has a structure and light impalpable, seemingly slight but surprisingly robust.

WBOX is a log set in the oldest sense of the term as portable. Painted steel and aluminum, however, available with or without wheels.
It’ able to satisfy even large load requirements in confined spaces such as garages, terraces, corridors, cellars, understairs, etc.. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and available in different versions for different needs. Of 175 Euros for the smallest (50 x 50 cm) a 335 Euro for the larger.

Dutch BAEST here RACK, a cylindrical wood holder on the wall, Available in dark gray or birch.

Products FELTRIN Design by christian on Small, the series of containers VIENNA. This is a log set or a door pellets suitable for those who want to store their wood or empty bags of pellets in elegance and design.


The Venetian company APROS, in collaboration with designer Studioverde, has produced a series of items of furniture made of sheet thick molded in one piece and covered with a special paint antigraffio.TEO is a species of snake metallic particularly versatile. It encompasses three usage options: will be a good container wood in winter and a wonderful magazine for the rest of the year. Its strength also enables it to become necessary to enjoy on a small stool near the fireplace.

Leo combines in itself the dual function of log holders and accessories for the fireplace.

Finally EDO, looks like a colored cube in which magazine cover and are available in five different colors. You can decide to use it as a door and wood pellets in winter or in the container to the one you should.

(AK47, Baest, Feltrin, Apros)



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    10 November 2011 at 22:48 (7 years ago)

    Really beautiful!!!!

    • Manuela - Design Therapy
      11 November 2011 at 10:08 (7 years ago)

      Belli true?!?
      In fact I'm trying to choose what to put in my basement but it is very hard………..

    5 November 2012 at 14:02 (6 years ago)

    BEAUTIFUL BUT THE PRODUCTS atk47 are Italian or foreign

    18 November 2012 at 09:57 (6 years ago)

    How much firewood holder of ak47 and where do you buy? In particular Thanks Regards Leo and Teo


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