Now playing at home…..In fact, I present the works of my mother-in-law! I would not have done if there had not been on, who knows me knows, I'm just like….But his works are really beautiful and will look great as decoration in your home or as a gift! Christmas is coming and ideas always scarce so if you want to do a simple thought or a gift more important not hesitate to contact ( Since the period will show you some parts more purely Christmas, such as blown glass balls, really beautiful. They are all unique hand-painted on glass with an elegant decor in shades of gold and silver.

Always be hung or used as an elegant close-pack this star-profile lead

Another object of great Christmas , the bell

A variation on these candles are then, where painting on glass is moved to other materials, but the effect is always unique

and what about this candlestick, Perfect for the Christmas table?

and then again, variations in gold…

ed in argento



I end with his “classic”, dishes on a blue background, which takes its title from the whole of creation

( The blue Claudia )

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