Any idea to decorate the walls of the house with mirrors……

Many mirrors taste a little different back: accomunarli with white chalk

In a house this super modern and minimalist wall with circular windows in series “spezza” the rigidity of the environment

A corner in red and white…

Many mirrors as bubbles in the bathroom

A single large mirror (which may be as important as in the room above as being more simple and filomuro), multiplies the spaces and creates a nice curious disorientation

Dining in blue modern dining room

Bella also the idea of ​​creating a frame with the color to a series of mirrors all the same shape and size

Spectacular this wall made with a series of small square mirrors juxtaposed at different angles!

(The Inspired room, The decorista, Everylittlething, Pinterest, A life in color, Yellow Goat Design)


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    Maximum Ravecca
    15 September 2013 at 15:28 (6 years ago)

    The use of mirrors, the recursive process, of which the multiply indefinitely image of an object between two parallel flat mirrors is an example. Are the basis of intelligence, Genius. So how was manifested in Jesus of Nazareth, Wines from Leonardo and Michelangelo Buonarroti. Their own faces were similar in maturity, as in a hall of mirrors. CFR. ebook (amazon) Maximum Ravecca. Three men face a: Jesus, Leonardo e Michelangelo. Thanks. Jesus' face as the face archetype.


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