It’ officially started the Milan Furniture Fair 2012…..I would have liked us to a nice ride but I lazy belly more than it already had, and so here I am at home among the barcamenarmi mail that arrives with the news producers and the infinite-depth articles on the web! It will be for next year….allowing baby!

Meanwhile I want to talk about COMPANY offering two new very beautiful and interesting: INNER LIGHT Tues Simon Pengelly and BEHIVE suspension of Werner Aisslinger.

InnerLight is designed as a sculpture to wall, once on, comes alive and turns into a fine platform for the light. Con un’estrema semplicità esteriore – nata in realtà da un attento studio sui diversi elementi che la compongono  la lampada disegnata da Simon Pengelly è costituita da tre fasce sovrapposte, slightly concave and with different inclinations, Supported by a shell made of translucent polycarbonate, that hides the technical part. The light source, consists of two fluorescent lamps arranged on different planes, provides good light in any direction, both to the wall along which the plates, effect with a changing and sophisticated. InnerLight is available in two versions: white (Needless to say, is my favorite!) or in a particular finish material, that underscores the depth.

BeHive (English beehive, hive) Suspension is a sensual and elegant at the same time. Composed of a series of overlapping rings of different diameter, Behive the desk version has already become a classic. It is now proposed in the new version from suspension, which provides a brightness in the warm and soft as Behive table, which adds a direct light downward. A diffuser screen placed inside fact hides from view the technical components and leaves the light source to illuminate the free downward. The white light thus acquires a double value: graphic shows the detail of the rings and focuses the light on an area well-defined.




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