Of planters I've seen a little of each type, but I admit that I was missing…..Sky Planter d BOSKKE is a new concept of inverted flower pot that holds the plants upside down! Can be hung from the ceiling or the wall is suitable for all types of plants: Houseplants in the living room, herbs in the kitchen… On the side of the stem, a ceramic lid keeps the soil and the plant. Sul lato delle radici un serbatoio d’acqua in grès mantiene umido il terriccio per diverse settimane.

You can find it in shopor company which. They are available in ceramic – in three sizes: Medium (H 19 cm x Ø 16,5 cm- 78 Euro), Small (H 14 cm x Ø 10,5 cm- 38 Euro) e Extra Small (H 12 cm x Ø 9 cm – 28 Euro)- is recycled – Large , Medium e Small , of 16,95 Euro-.

( Boskke)



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