“The holidays are something else” is the most common phrase for me in this hot summer 2012. He often repeated my better half in his days with us (already heavy burden of post-parturient wife, quattrenne hyperactive daughter and newborn son in perpetual search of food)… there we said to the sea I and a companion in misfortune every time you crossed our wheelchairs for a walk in the gut , under the sun and the heat at historic highs…I admitted last day on the beach after denying it for a week with her husband moaning above…here…now everything is more beautiful because we are them and for the world turn back…However, the holidays are really something different from this!

But will return, I do not know when but it will come back to be paid, you go back to sleep and you will again have the desire and the strength to visit and experience the vacation spots, and maybe one day I will pass here, in this beautiful maison de charme located in the heart of Anacapri.

In the spaces once attached to the convent of the church of San Michele, the Neapolitan architect Andrea Giuliano Grape was responsible for the beautiful renovation in which the ancient walls covered with lime according to the tradition of the island alongside furniture and design objects. Color theme of the house lemon yellow associated with the blue sea… All measured to perfection.


Take your cue from: the careful restoration of the original lime colors on the walls, the use of a color such as yellow lemon decided to make by theme, staining only in the wall skirting all white, vessels of agave and prickly pear placed on an entire wall to make almost a work of natural art.

(Capri Suite, Archiportale)

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