I never knew exactly what I wanted to do in life but one thing I have always been some: I would MUM! In life do not ever win a Nobel, I will not give my name to a discovery of medicine, paint pictures that do not live in museums, I will not have a plaque on a street corner…but being a mom makes me at least a little bit extraordinary!

It all begins with a small creature that grows inside you and you feel moving, that in the belly ports everywhere. A feeling strange and unforgettable. Then pain. And Joy, so much joy. You know immediately that it will be a different love, is a bond that lasts forever.

Auguri alla mia mamma e a tutte le mamme. 

(Rebecca Westby, Pinterest, Domestic Reflection, All the Beautiful Things, Violeta Harrington )


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2 Comments on ESSERE MAMMA

    16 May 2012 at 15:30 (7 years ago)

    Great photos and their content, I believe that a woman have an instinctive innate matermo, at least most, otherwise, certain things would not happen, they really are unnatural. If you want to see me I'll wait my blog is new again thanks in advance!

    • Manuela - Design Therapy
      16 May 2012 at 15:44 (7 years ago)

      Thanks for the compliments, you're absolutely right and I think that being a mother is the most beautiful gift that made us the nature! I visited your blog and I will come back very useful short-, soon will my new puppy! Ciao and loans, Manuela


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