Uno splendido esempio di conservazione dove il nuovo si inserisce nell’esistente senza scalfirlo minimamente. Tutto ciò che era è rimasto tale e quale, small openings to the outside have been transformed into a point of strength of the environment, as if to create a stronger sense of intimacy. In perfect harmony was added to a block that integrates bright central bathroom and kitchen, thus creating an open space full of privacy. Here ,in only 53 m , the challenge won byestudoquarto architectural firm.

 Tutto lo spazio è inteso come un’entità continua, smooth, uninterrupted alternating harmony with stone, wood, iron and glass. The matter never appears contrived, the old natural stone walls are treated with a simple paint transparent silicone mat, date spray, to prevent too much dust but at the same time does not give an effect “plasticized” and pretended to masonry. The kitchen and bathroom are enclosed in a cube corian, ground travertine. Openings, embedded in irregular holes of the old masonry, are made with large panes oxidized steel.


 (estudoquarto architectural firm)


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