Maybe because I like the sea in winter, is that the blue that relaxes me is dull leaden sky….The fact is that in this November I'm going to search for objects in different shades of blue!

Of ANTITRUST: 1 – Stool STONE polycarbonate diamond (which a 137, 13 Euro) ♠ 2 – A chair in transparent polycarbonate PAPYRUS colored powder blue (196,62 Euro) ♣ 3 – Swivel chair ERO|S| , an egg-shaped chair very elegant and refined (387,20) ♦ 4 – TABLE wild blue transparent 40x40x40 cm (94,78 Euro).

The City Sunday magazine rack , produced by the SwedishMINUS TIO , formed by metallic elements that combine to form a stylized urban landscape . Width 1000 mm, height 352 mm, depth 82 mm (137mm0 Euro).

Of FATBOY : 1 – Fatboy Jacket blu navy, The new coating for the Fatboy Original bean bag. It’ made of fabric Sunbrella, resistant and water repellent fabric treated with UV filter , fabric that allows its use in external. The jacket is available with or without padding. (which a  160 Euro without padding, 280 Euro with padding) ♠ 2 – Fatboy Pullover persian  rug, coating 100% polyester, for internal use only ( 190 Euro without padding, 300 Euro with padding) 3 – Fatboy Jacket acquamarina ( 160 – 280 Euro).

Of EMPORIUM, coffee table magazine Fiorile transparent methacrylate with two comfortable handles, chrome (185 Euro).

Scandinavian design MENU: 1 – vessel rubber which can also be used as storage. Thanks to its soft material fact can also roll the edges to make it so’ a nice bowl or a toilet seat storage for plants ( 1,50 Euro) ♦ 2 – bowl Dropp! in silicone, shiny satin inside and outside (42,30 Euro) ♠ 3 – collapsible silicone trivets (21,20 Euro).

Still to MENU, new autumn winter 2011, Norm the new Thermo Porcelain Cup by a very simple line that has as main feature the composition with a double layer that keeps the heat of the beverage inside the mug without scalding the outside. The set consists of 4 cups. You can find them which ( 49,95 Euro).

Wallpaper in blue fleece oil produced by Family Tree FERM LIVING (67 Euro – 10,05 m/1 rotolo).

Vases handmade in Murano glass for ARCADE: 1- Bottles BAMBOO series designed by Laura de Santillana, cm height 54 about (each piece is unique and can therefore slightly differ from), available in 24 different shades of color ( price around 350 Euro per piece)♠ 2 – Glass BULB, Bai design Ivan , L cm 19 Ø cm 35.

Carafe refrigerator EVA SOLO  con  “vestito” neoprene to keep the contents fresh for longer. With the zipper will be easy to remove “vestito” before puttidressjug and the stopper in automatic dishwashers. (49 Euro jug full, 15 Euro only dressed in many colors interchangeable).

Finally…a nice overview of mosaics BISAZZA.

 (Pinterest, Kartell, MinusTio,Fatboy, Emporium, Menu,FermLiving,  Arcade, Eva solo, Bisazza)


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    15 November 2011 at 09:55 (7 years ago)

    drop the bowl I have access to green power and is really beautiful!


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