In reality, these steps represent a variation on the theme as they can not properly be called a spiral because of the lack of the central shaft. It is in fact stairs helical structure prefabbicati modular elements made from concrete, proposals as seen in different solutions in all its parts, dall'alzata to tread, al parapetto. Sono prodotte da EDILCO, and I think there's little to say except that they are real works of art. Stairs are designed not only useful as a simple structure but as a true architectural elements and design.

Very similar in structure and characteristics, but produced by RIZZI the stairs below



As for the spiral stairs real solution to this very fine steel ESSEEMME, steps with extra white glass.

To take a little less seriously, here is the first ladder in the world made of polymer, Fully removable and recyclable, suitable for internal and external and produced by FONTANOT.

I could go on and on, but for now I will just add a “gem”… it is a particular scale a little but which can be a source of inspiration during the construction of a link between home and tavern de novo…. in practice you gain a spectacular wine cellar without sacrificing space on the floor below! All thanks to the special inlets placed at the side of the scale , in which you can insert your own collection of valuable bottles. And if you're abstinent and the wine just is not your thing why not transform it into a nice library? The found which.

( Edilco, Rizzi, Esseemme, Spiral Cellars, safekeeping)


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