Once home from Damilano STUDIO architecs (after Horizontal Space)…..because in the style of the architect Duilio Damilano there really anything that I like! And even here the result of his work is a house flooded with light thanks to large windows, extreme brightness extended from undisputed control of the White. The spaces interpenetrate in a continuous game of references between external and internal. The shapes are geometric and minimalist.

The core of this house,divided into three main parts,is the living area,where two large windows facing. This is to allow people inside the house to enjoy every corner of the garden expanding external space and of itself is not great. Between the two openings are kind of passe-partou that protects the vacuum scale and frame like a painting the vegetation. The staircase leads to the lower floor of the house where the zone was created for guests, designed as a dwelling in the house, and a space used as a gym with a recreation area in a glass case.

Outside the perfect lighting emphasizes the interplay of solids and voids that characterizes the house. Due corpi di fabbrica abbracciano e proteggono l’ingresso  che si apre completamente con un’ampia vetrata permettendo allo sguardo di trapassare il soggiorno e uscire nel giardino e nel parco all’altra estremità dell’abitazione.

Take your cue from: minimal lighting inside consists almost entirely of recessed lights, with the exception of the hugely popular CABOCHE Foscarini; the windows that face each other for space in the green; the irregular structure of the house but at the same geometric; terraces and wooden steps to climb the slope in the garden.

( Damilanostudio Architects, Andrea Martiradonna)


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