Some hoods are made to be watched…. But when it comes to PROPELLER you can have the most absolute certainty that being a fantastic piece of design will not prevent our appliance to perform its main function to the full intake and consequent improvement in air quality. That said one can not but be enchanted by the beauty of this object!

The hood is equipped with and FEEL-motion, a control system natural and intuitive.
The function control panels that are activated by touching an electronic movement. For cooking at low vapor, Simply open the panel will be smaller; for a greater suction capacity will need to open the larger. For a cooking intense, should be open both panels simultaneously.
Similarly, The touch panel will activate the horizontal illumination of the cooktop.

It’ made of satin and polished glass, found in the 6 different colors and has a flow rate (m3 / h) of 260-700.



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