In a post a few days ago we saw a fabulous chalet with a suspension just as magical, Series 14 of Bocci. Here, I would like to reconnect with that beautiful light just because she had entered the top ten choices for my house. Since, however, quite difficult to find a supplier near Bocci, the choice is at the end fall on another lamp that, albeit in a different way, maintains the particular structure of descent of glass spheres. Here is the result………

It consists of the suspension “Niagara” produced by SILLUX in a remarkable variety of shapes and sizes. All have a structure of polished steel and blown pyrex glass spheres are available in crystal, red, chrome and black.

It’ also available online, in two sizes (as well as wall and floor)

Similar effect, but tripled the price for that other suspension, “Ether” of MURANODUE. Here the bubbles blown Murano glass are illuminated by four spots embedded in the support of polished steel and is available in three sizes.


Quella che tuttavia si avvicina maggiormente alla luce di partenza di Bocci è la “Dew” of KUNDALINI, a hanging lamp with glass diffuser and aluminum heat sink
cast with innovative LED lighting . Starting from a single lamp with a diameter 11 cm, the company's products to request multiple different compositions.

Finally “Poc” of VISTOSI, in its smaller version and multiple recalls once again the previous suspension. It’ fabulous black glass although I must admit to not having had the courage to choose it for fear of poor lighting (although she was perfect in my bathroom where even the doctors were blacks). All lamps in this collection are made with a technique patented by Vistosi, which allows to obtain a membrane worked by hand within a shape blown. The metal parts that constitute it are in satin nickel, while the tone may be: White with crystal sheath, Black and crystal sheath or crystal and black and white membrane.

(Sillux, Muranodue, Kundalini, Vistosi)



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  1. Warm999@hotmail.it'
    26 August 2015 at 12:17 (4 years ago)

    Ls4/236 buongiorno volevo chiedere un informazione in base all articolo che ho scritto sopra quanto costa?e lo potete spedire?

    • Manuela - Progettazione Therapy
      27 August 2015 at 00:19 (4 years ago)

      Buongiorno Valerio,
      mi spiace ma il blog è una rivista virtuale, non abbiamo un e-commerce.
      Thanks for visiting,


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