How to make the garden informal and casual without leaving the design? Or perhaps create your garden, urban-chic? Here's the solution, a little pot a little bag: BACSAC!

The geotextile Bacsac vase was created by designer Godefroy de Virieu and the landscape architects Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu. Bacsac is a bag where you can plant your plants and grow them. The containers Bacsac, available in many shapes and sizes(of 10 litri a 550 l), are made of geotextile fabric to 100% recyclable. This fabric, permeable to water and air, promotes plant growth:limits the evaporation, let the earth breathe and protects the roots. Bacsac approaches the conditions of cultivation on the ground. Ultra, fears neither shocks nor the frost and is easy to carry.



La collezione Indoor è realizzata in feltro capillare che assorbe e distribuisce l’acqua e protegge le radici. It’ also a material impermeable to air and to water and resistant to tear and tensile.

They could then complete the line to hang from balconies and Jardiniere, in addition to practical and innovative vertical pockets…


You can find them which and which and which , from 25 Euros for the round- 3 L up to over 100 Euro for the larger versions of multi-compartment outdoor.




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