After the long cold and snow these days is an air of spring…and a growing desire for color!

Of MISSONI HOME serie Karoo and Kigali

The cylindrical pouf (Da Ø 40x30cm 273 Euro) and pillows in three different sizes (40×40, 35×80, 60×60 of 103 Euro)Euro

More, series E Ksar KIRBET : the cushions (40×40 and 60×60 and 30×60 of 92 Euro) Euro pouf (Ø 70x16cm – 364 € Ø Ø 70x32cm 40x30cm e as 355 Euro)Euro




Della series Kundo e Kuan, i pouf (Ø 40×30 and Ø 70×16 cm, 260 € e 378 Euro) and pillows (40×40, 60×60 and 30×60 1o5 the Euro).


And if you really want to impress, There are rugs in the shape of giant flowers!

The collection BOTATICA, realized in 85% wool and 15% viscose, consists of three different carpets (110cm diameter , 480 Euro)

Also the series is realized in KILA 85% wool and 15% viscose in three different colors (diameter 150 cm, 784 Euro)

To end the series MEBEHAL, two-tone multicolor ( diameter 120 cm, 482 Euro)

Find everything and more which.

(Missoni Home)


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    27 February 2012 at 19:16 (7 years ago)

    The fabrics are essential for a chair complatare, a chair or an ottoman style.
    Rifuniture colorful and bold comq they change the room air


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